Program Overview

The King’s Academy Preschool is a Christian preschool program with a play-based learning philosophy. Early childhood educators agree that hands-on, play based learning is a best practice for children ages 2 to 4. Our program encompasses a Biblical worldview where Biblical truths and the love of Jesus is woven into our daily learning.

All five TKAP center locations follow the same units of study. Children will participate in the same learning activities, which are engaging and developmentally appropriate for the age group.

Terrific Twos

Our terrific two-year-old program focuses on self-regulation and social emotional growth. Our program also includes providing opportunities to develop gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, expressive and receptive language skills, as well as learning to be a member of a classroom. The goal of the two-year-old classroom is to assist them with obtaining developmental milestones, nurturing them, and caring for their daily needs physically, emotionally, spiritually, and cognitively.

Thrilling Threes

Our thrilling threes program is designed to provide hands- on play- based activities throughout the day that incorporate cognitive skills. The three-year-old class focus is on the development of the whole child. This includes their social/emotional growth, gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, literacy and language skills, math concepts, pre-reading skills, and spiritual development. The goal of the three-year-old class is to teach them the life skills necessary to function in their environment and to prepare them for further learning.

Fantastic Fours

Our Fantastic fours program is a developmentally appropriate, academically rigorous program to prepare children for kindergarten. Our classroom activities are centers that challenge the children academically through hands on engaging activities. Our program includes encouraging the child’s social and emotional growth, gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, literacy/language skills, math concepts, and pre-reading skills, and spiritual development. Life skills are honed and successful independence is an expectation. This provides a foundation for children to move successfully into their formal educational career.